From 93k to Nearly $3,000,000 in Sales

Our team helped take Super Vel from 93k a year, to nearly 2 million in sales in 2020, and already $1,300,000+ in 2021!

Super Vel Ammunition


What We Did

  • Built entirely new state of the art website
  • Took mailing list from under 1k, to over 12k
  • Generated over $3,000,000 in Sales
  • $0 spent on advertising, completely organic growth

When Super Vel hired our team, they had done a total of $93,000 in online sales in 2019. We got right to work with a top to bottom rebuild of their entire site, and entire online selling strategy. We re-analyzed and adjusted their pricing strategy, built out an entire email lead generating system, polished their social media strategy, and made sure the foundation of their business could handle the massive increase in sales that was coming! The results speak for themselves! Nearly $3,000,000 in sales since we came on board!

  • Over 4,000 New Customers
  • 406,499+ Site Visitors
  • Nearly 14,000 Orders
  • 3,222% Increase in Sales
  • 100,646+ Site Visitors from Search Engines

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